Welcome to the world of Chelona by Cava Nectar.

Here the experiences are unique. The Mediterranean cuisine as well as brunch, is one of the many options we offer. An endless wine and spirits cellar with hard-to-find options on the market, is waiting for you to add it to your menu, as well as the air-conditioned cigar room for combining it or tasting your cigar. For wine lovers a walk through our cellar will leave you speechless as you can try and drink through a huge wine cellar depending on your taste profile.

Here time passes slowly, to taste, enjoy, start your day or even finish it. Your journey to Chelona by Cava Nektar starts from Thissio. Make a stop to enjoy the park of Thissio or to explore the altar of Aphrodite, the temple of Hephaestus and Mars as well as the monument of Eponymous Heroes. You may then select between two routes. The first route is from the magical Andrianou pedestrian street and the second one across the famous Ermou street, from where you will end up directly to our Chelona and at the same time at the view of the rock of the Acropolis. This is where our experience begins, crossing and exploring Cava Nectar, where you reach the final destination. Our Chelona, along with a map of tasting and enjoyment in combination with our Mediterranean cuisine which will make you wonder if you are in the center of Athens.


Meet Chelona

At Chelona we can promise you, in addition to high quality gastronomy, unique experiences. Our secret garden with the wall-spirit graffiti of Same 84, will make your social friends wonder about your check-in. In combination with Cava Nectar which you discover on your entrance to Chelona, delicious cocktails accompany our Mediterranean cuisine and through a huge wine cellar you can taste the wine that suits you and combine it with your food or enjoy them at home via the delivery of Cava Nectar. Chelona is for all hours of the day, brunch, lunch or dinner, all separate with their own experiences.